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Apartments Pax Herceg Novi Property has been renovated in 2015. Since than we have been hosts for numerous travellers who decide to visit Herceg Novi and neighbouring area. Herceg Novi and Apartments Pax could be the most favorable destination for tourists who travel with smaller budget, as accommodation prices and on site prices are not so high. Montenegro is small Meditareean country with a lot of natural beauties. With daily tours (bus tours or car tours), You are able to explore whole beautiful country of Montenegro.

Herceg Novi is situated at the entrance of the one of most beautiful bays in the World, Boka Bay (or Bay of Kotor). You can drive aroud the bay, or reserve a boat tour to explore this natural treasure. The Boka Bay is at 1 houd drive from Apartments Pax and Herceg Novi.

Besides Montenegro, Apartments Pax and Herceg Novi are very close to two more countries (Croatia nad Bosnia & Herzegovina). For less than 1 houd drive away from Apartments Pax, you can visit Dubrovnik, an amazing Croatian tourist destination, or Trebinje - a growing tourist spot in Herzegovina.

Three times in the row, within three years (2017., 2018. and 2019.) Herceg Novi has been featured among most popular tourist destinations by Forbes Magazine:
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Furthermore, Herceg Novi has been featured in many famous travel magazines and newspapers:
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