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Apartments Pax Herceg Novi - Montenegro

Apartments Pax are situated in Topla neighborhood, in Herceg Novi, Montenegro. Distance from the apartments to the Herceg Novi Down Town is approximately 1 kilometer, distance to Igalo Center is approximately 1 kilometer, and 250 meters to the beach and promenade "V Danica".

One-bedroom apartments (for up to 4 persons) and Two-bedroom apartments (for up to 6 persons) are fully equipped for comfortable stay.
Two-bedroom apartments are situated at ground floor and have terrace with garden, in front of property. One-bedroom apartments are situated at first floor and have balconies with sea view.

The Apartments Pax have private fenced parking lot, under video surveillance.

Low-Cost Flights to Apartments Pax Herceg Novi

Nearby Airports
  • Airport Tivat (25 kilometers away, or approximately 1 hour drive)
  • Airport Dubrovnik (27 kilometers away, or approximately 50 minutes drive)
  • Airport Podgorica (110 kilometers away, or approximately 2hour and 30 minutes drive)
Low-Cost Flights
  • from Belgrade to Tivat
  • from Istanbul to Tivat
  • from Berlin to Tivat
  • from London Gatwick to Tivat
  • from Manchester to Tivat
  • from Paris to Tivat
  • from Frankfurt to Tivat
  • from Helsinki to Tivat
  • from Vienna to Podgorica
  • from Warsaw to Podgorica
  • from Vienna to Podgorica
  • from London Stansted to Podgorica
  • from Katowice to Podgorica
  • from Krakow to Podgorica
  • from Athens to Podgorica
  • from Barcelona to Podgorica
  • from Bologna to Podgorica
  • from Brussels to Podgorica
  • from Budapest to Podgorica
  • from Dortmund to Podgorica
  • from Ljubljana to Podgorica
  • from Milan Malpensa to Podgorica
  • from Wroclaw to Podgorica
  • from Zagreb to Podgorica
  • from Memmingen to Podgorica
  • from Rome Fiumicino to Podgorica
  • from Zurich to Podgorica
  • from Lyon to Podgorica
  • from Munich to Dubrovnik
  • from Dublin to Dubrovnik
  • from Birmingham to Dubrovnik
  • from Nantes to Dubrovnik
  • from Munich to Dubrovnik
  • from Bristol to Dubrovnik
  • from Amsterdam to Dubrovnik
  • from London Heathrow to Dubrovnik
  • from Edinburgh to Dubrovnik
  • from Naples to Dubrovnik
  • from Madrid to Dubrovnik
  • from Geneva to Dubrovnik
  • from Leeds to Dubrovnik
  • from Newcastle to Dubrovnik
  • from Copenhagen to Dubrovnik
  • from Oslo to Dubrovnik
  • from Riga to Dubrovnik

Bus Lines to Apartments Pax Herceg Novi

Low-Cost Bus Lines to Herceg Novi
  • from Belgrade to Herceg Novi
  • from Novi Sad to Herceg Novi
  • from Mostar to Herceg Novi
  • from Dortmund to Herceg Novi
  • from Zadar to Herceg Novi
  • from Budapest to Herceg Novi
  • from Zagreb to Herceg Novi
  • from Split to Herceg Novi
  • from Graz to Herceg Novi
  • from Subotica to Herceg Novi

Places to Visit Recommended by Apartments Pax Herceg Novi

Nearby Popular Beaches
Good Restaurants
  • Konoba Kantula (250 meters away from Apartments Pax Herceg Novi, or approximately 5 minutes walk)
  • Konoba Ambasada (250 meters away from Apartments Pax Herceg Novi, or approximately 5 minutes walk)
  • Konoba Feral (1.5 kilometers away from Apartments Pax Herceg Novi, or approximately 20 minutes walk)
  • Pizzeria Twins (600 meters away, or approximately 10 minutes walk)
  • Restaurant Šeki Nautilus (900 meters away from Apartments Pax Herceg Novi, or approximately 13 minutes walk)
Popular Bars & Night Clubs

Things to Do Recommended by Apartments Pax Herceg Novi

Daily Tours & Excursions
  • Herceg Novi City Tour (2 kilometers walking tour. It is half day tour that lasts approximately 3 hours). Approximate Price is 10,00€ per person.
  • Dubrovnik Whole Day Tour (47 kilometers away from Apartments Pax Herceg Novi, or approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes bus drive). Approximate Price is 25,00€ per person.
  • Boka Bay Boat Tour (whole day tour through amazing Bay of Kotor). Approximate Price is 30,00€ per person.
  • Montenegro Canyons Whole Day Tour (Visiting Tara Canyon, the deepest Canyon in Europe, second in the World. Visiting Biogradska Gora National Park and Biogradsko Lake. Visiting National Park – Durmitor and the Black Lake). Approximate Price is 60,00€ per person.
  • Montenegro Whole Day Tour (Visiting National Park Lovcen, and Njeguši the birth place of Montenegrin ruler Petar II Petrović Njegoš. Visiting Mausoleum of Petar II Petrović Njegoš which is situated at the top of the Lovćen mountain, at the height of 1749 meters. Visiting the old Montenegrin capital Cetinje and its museums and monastery). Approximate Price is 40,00€ per person.
  • The Monastery of Ostrog Whole Day Tour (Visiting the most amazing cultural, historical and religious monument in Montenegro. The Monastery of Ostrog possesses a miracle of well-being). Approximate Price is 25,00€ per person.
  • Skadar Lake Whole Day Tour (Visiting the largest lake in Southern Europe. Experience a Montenegrin untouched wilderness and explore this beautiful National Park, famous by its flora and fauna uniqueness). Approximate Price is 55,00€ per person.
  • Tara River Rafting Whole Day Tour (Experience one of the most impressive and exciting active tour through the deepest canyon in Europe. Tara Canyon is second in the World by its deepness, just after Grand Canyon in US. UNESCO World Heritage Sites Organization put Tara Canyon under its protection in 1977. Tara Canyon is 1300 meters deep and it is one of the world’s 25 most significant natural sites). Approximate Price is 70,00€ per person.
Guests may get all necessary information and buy tickets at Apartments Pax Herceg Novi.
Recommended Activities

Herceg Novi Information

About Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi is town located at the Adriatic coast, it is the first city which you encounter after the Croatia - Montenegro border. Herceg Novi is situated at the western entrance of Boka Bay, one of the most beautiful bays in the World, whish is under UNESCO protection since 1979.

The Herceg Novi Municipality consists of 10 districts: Igalo, Herceg Novi, Meljine, Zelenika, Kumbor, Đenovići, Baošići, Bijela, Kamenari and Luštica peninsula. The Municipiality has approximately 33,000 inhabitants (2011 census).

Herceg Novi Attractions

Herceg Novi is among most popular Montenegrin tourist destinations. The city was established by Bosnian king Tvrtko I. Kotromanić in 1382.

The most popular city attractions nearby Apartments Pax Herceg Novi are:
  • Clock Tower which was built by Austrians in the 19th century.
  • Kanli Kula fortress which was built by the Turks in 16. century
  • Forte Mare fortress which was built between the 14th and 17th centuries, only to be restored by the Venetians during the 17th century and subsequently by the Austro-Hungarians.
  • Španjola fortress construction began during the Ottoman ruleby the 15. century, and concludes by Spaniards in 16. century.
  • Museum / House of Nobel prize winner Ivo Andrić which was built by this great writer and novelist and his wife Milica Babić.
  • Tito's Villa „Galeb” was built in 1976. and served as the summer residence for the leader of Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito, his wife Jovanka.
  • Orijen Mountain is situated just above the Herceg Novi. Orijen is the highest mountain at adriatic coast with the altitude of 1895 metres.
Weather in Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi has mild Mediterranean climate with more the 280 sunny days throughout the year.

Average air temperature in Herceg Novi:

  • From January till April is from 8° to 17°C
  • From May till June is from 18° to 28°C
  • From July till September is from 30° to 38°C
  • From October till December is from 13° to 24°C

Tourist may enjoy most part of the year at Apartments Pax Herceg Novi, as we have very favorable climate.

Average sea temperature in Herceg Novi:

  • Average sea temperature in Herceg Novi in May is 19.1°C
    (the warmest in history was 23.9°C, the coolest in history was 15.9°C)
  • Average sea temperature in Herceg Novi in June is 23.1°C
    (the warmest in history was 26.7°C, the coolest in history was 18.7°C)
  • Average sea temperature in Herceg Novi in July is 25.5°C
    (the warmest in history was 29.3°C, the coolest in history was 22.7°C)
  • Average sea temperature in Herceg Novi in August is 26.1°C
    (the warmest in history was 28.9°C, the coolest in history was 23.5°C)
  • Average sea temperature in Herceg Novi in September is 23.9°C
    (the warmest in history was 27.1°C, the coolest in history was 19.9°C)
  • Average sea temperature in Herceg Novi in October is 21.2°C
    (the warmest in history was 24°C, the coolest in history was 17.4°C)

Although sea may be cold during the winter months, nice weather may allow us to enjoy sea activities. Apartments Pax Herceg Novi organizes numerous sea activities throughout the year.

How to Come to Apartments Pax Herceg Novi

Travelers have few transportation options to come to Apartments Pax Herceg Novi. Regional tourists in most cases choose between car or bus transportation. There are regular bus lines from majority regional cities to our city.
Herceg Novi is situated near 3 airports: Tivat (Montenegro), Dubrovnik (Croatia) and Podgorica (Montenegro). Numerous Low Cost Flights are landing to these airports. At this time Tivat Airport hosts flights from 12 destinations, all from Europe. Furthermore, Dubrovnik Airport hosts flights from 50 destinations around the World. Podgorica Airport hosts flights from 27 cities, all from Europe.

Apartments Pax Herceg Novi organizes regular transfers to all three airports, as well as transfers from airports to Apartments Pax.

History of Herceg Novi

Throughout the history, Herceg Novi city was ruled by Ottoman Empire who captured the city in 1482. and lasted for nearly two centuries. In 1688 the city was conquered by the Spaniards when it become a part of Venetian Republic, and called Castelnuovo.
In the late 18th century, the city briefly fell under Austrian rule. From 1806. till 1807., the city belonged to Russia, and thenit was given to France.
In 1814. Austria-Hungary captured the Herceg Novi and added it as a part of the Dalmatian Kingdom.
In 1918, Serbian army liberated whole Boka Bay, and then Herceg Novi become a part of Yugoslavia. After the collapse of Yugoslavia, the city became a part of Montenegro.


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